The article discusses and generalizes the principles of creation, operation and financing of civil society organizations that are used and understood in international practice. Specialized legal acts regulating the activity of nongovernmental organizations in Ukraine have been analyzed to determine the principles of activity and financing of non-governmental organizations.Also, their compliance with the principles approved by the world-wide authoritative civil society organizations was investigated. It is revealed that not all national regulative acts contain the following principles. This situation creates significant difficulties for the activities of certain types of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine (including the formation and using of financial resources) and complicates the process of state control over civil society institutions. Thus, it is suggested to use a systematic approach, which should amend the regulations governing the activities of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine in order to remedy these shortcomings.

JEL: G38, H41, L31, L38.

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Civil society; civil society institutions; non-governmental organizations; finance; law; financial security; financial resources.

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